We operate a fair and reasonable pricing policy. our firm works primarily by way of fixed fees in most cases after understanding the facts of the case in question.

Whenever possible we will give you a detailed breakdown of the estimated total costs, whether these are our own fees or for disbursements (associated expenses payable to third parties). Examples of these are: Court fees, Expert reports, NHS fees (HIS surcharge), Visa application fees, Interpreting (all languages), Translation of documents, Competency in English language examination, UK NARIC, postage and photocopying (where necessary). we are unable to confirm these costs until we are formally instructed to act for you in your case.

In litigation matters, you may be able to recover your costs from the opposing party if you win your case.

Services Provided


Range of fees

Initial Consultation (I Hour) £150.00
Uncontested divorce – Petitioner £1,000.00
Uncontested  divorce with children/financial remedy-Petitioner £1,500.00
Uncontested divorce – Respondent £800.00
Uncontested divorce –  Respondent with children/financial remedy £1,500.00
Contested divorce – per stage £800.00
Children Act 1989 Applications £500.00
Contested Children Act Applications – per stage £1,200.00
Children Arrangement Orders Application – Uncontested £800.00
Children Arrangement Orders Applications – Contested per stage £1,500.00
Non Molestation Order £600.00
Financial Remedy – per stage £1,500.00


Initial Consultation (1 Hour) £150.00
Drafting Grounds of Complaint, ET1 and ACAS Early Conciliation Application £1,100.00
Negotiation Preliminary Stage £300.00
Discrimination Claim – Uncontested £1,100.00
Discrimination Claim – Uncontested £800.00
Schedule of Loss £300.00
Pre- Hearing at Tribunal £500.00
Full Hearing at Employment Tribunal £1,500.00
Counsel’s Fees (This depends on individual Counsel and cannot be available from Counsel  before hearing)


Initial Consultation (1 Hour) £150.00
General Applications2
Entry Clearance. Visa to the United Kingdom
Visit Visa £1,200.00
Spouse, Fiancee, civil and unmarried partner visa £2,000.00
Application for Leave to Remain (Other) £1,100.00
Appendix FM applications(Parent, Child, Adult dependent relative £1,100.00
Marriage/Partner Leave to Remain application £1,100.00
Discretionary Leave application £1,100.00
Settlement/Indefinite Leave to Remain applications £1,500.00
1 The Home Office advises that most applications would be considered within 6 months however it could take longer depending on the complexity of the matter.

2 Home Offices fees are payable for these application which range from £0 to £25,000 depending on the application being made. Please click here for the most current Home Office Fees.

Applicants are also required to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge which would depend on the number of factors. Click here to go to the Home Office website for self-assessment.
European Economic Area (EEA) Applications
Residence document and Residence and Residence Card application £1,000.00
Permanent Residence applications £1,200.00
Family permit entry clearance application £1,200.00
EEA Appeals £1,500.00


Lodging and Asylum and Human Rights Application £1,500.00
Representation at Interviews £300.00
Asylum and Human Rights Appeal £1,900.00
Refugee Family reunion £1,900.00
Human Right Appeals £1,600.00


Tier -1 Entrepreneurs and Investors Applications£3,000.00
Tier -2 Graduate Entrepreneur Applications£2,000.00
Child Student Visa£1,200.00
Adult Student Visa£1,200.00
Tier – 5 Applications£1,200.00
Sponsor Licence Applications£3,000.00
Naturalisation/Registration Applications£700.00
Lodging Grounds of Appeal£350.00
Disbursements under the First Tier Tribunal 3 
Representation before the First-Tier Tribunal£1,500.00
Representation before the Upper-Tier Tribunal1,300.00

3 Click here for First Tier Immigration Tribunal fees


Legal Visits – Immigration Removal/Détention Centres, Prison, Police station, Airport etc£500.00
Bail Applications – Secretary of State£500.00
Immigration Judge’s bail application and Hearing£1,100.00
Deportation Order Representations£1,000.00
Deportation Order Appeals£2,000.00
Deportation Order Revocation Application£1,200.00
Judicial Review 
Pre-action/ letter before action£300.00
Judicial review application (paper permission stage)£2,500.00
Judicial review application (Oral Hearing Stage)£3,000.00
Judicial review (High Court Applications)£4,500.00
Disbursements under Judicial Review4 

4 Click here for the current Upper Tribunal fees for Judicial Review

Please note that currently the firm does not charge VAT as we are not VAT registered, this is however not the position with third parties fees, e.g. barrister or expert fees.